Cambridge River Festivel

Cambridge River Festival: 35th River Festival in Cambridge has been observed on Saturday, June 7th in Central Square, Cambridge. The Festival has occurred on the banks of the Charles River since its inception in 1977. The festival was organised by Cambridge Art Council, City of Cambridge. The festival was an annual outdoor event of the arts drawing 200,000 audience members to celebrate and enjoy music, dance, theater, poetry, visual art and food. Highlights was include live music, New England-based folk and traditional art demonstrations, temporary public art, hands on art-making activities for families and children, creative roving performances and more than 200 vendors selling food and imported crafts from locations around the world. The Japan Festival  was the main attraction in this year’s Cambridge River Festival. nepal_140607-0183 nepal_140607-0094 nepal_140607-0113 nepal_140607-0256 nepal_140607-0250 nepal_140607-0237 nepal_140607-0192 nepal_140607-0167 nepal_140607-0165 nepal_140607-0153 nepal_140607-0132 nepal_140607-0115 nepal_140607-0284 nepal_140607-0300 nepal_140607-0303 nepal_140607-0318 nepal_140607-0356 nepal_140607-0364 nepal_140607-0374 nepal_140607-0382 nepal_140607-0445 nepal_140607-0081 nepal_140607-0073 nepal_140607-0048 nepal_140607-0041 nepal_140607-0478 nepal_140607-0471 nepal_140607-0464 nepal_140607-0460

Japan Festival in Boston at the Cambridge River Festival.
Japan Festival in Boston at the Cambridge River Festival.


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