2014 National Sand Sculpting Festival:

The winners of 2014 National Sand Sculpting Festival has been announced and Rusty Croft from Carmel, California, was named for 1ts title winner. The Sand Sculpting Festival was held at Revere Beach, Boston on July 18 to July 20. 14 participants from different countries were participated for this National event.nepal_140721-0568 nepal_140721-0581 nepal_140721-0592 nepal_140721-0607 nepal_140721-0613 nepal_140721-0651 nepal_140721-0672 nepal_140721-0692 nepal_140721-0707 nepal_140721-0749 nepal_140721-6508 nepal_140721-6513 nepal_140721-6518 nepal_140721-6526 nepal_140721-6529 nepal_140721-6539 nepal_140721-6545 nepal_140721-6548 nepal_140721-6550 nepal_140721-6553 nepal_140721-6560 nepal_140721-6563 nepal_140721-6566 nepal_140721-6572

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