Teej Portraits in Boston, 2014

Teej is a festival celebrated in Nepal and northern India. Traditionally observed by women for the wellness of their husband and this festival these day symbolizes a forum for women’s freedom of expressions. Here are some women portraits of the participant in different Teej party and dance programme within Nepali community in Greater Boston Area.  nepal_140812-0098 nepal_140812-0173 nepal_140812-0208 nepal_140812-7939 nepal_140815-0400 nepal_140815-0444 nepal_140815-0447 nepal_140815-0459 nepal_140815-0463 nepal_140815-0469 nepal_140815-0474 nepal_140815-0480 nepal_140815-0483 nepal_140815-0488 nepal_140815-0491 nepal_140815-0498 nepal_140815-0503 nepal_140815-0513 nepal_140815-0516 nepal_140815-0524 nepal_140815-0530 nepal_140815-0533 nepal_140815-0541 nepal_140815-0545 nepal_140815-0546 nepal_140815-0555 nepal_140815-0562 nepal_140815-0566 nepal_140815-0569 nepal_140815-0574 nepal_140815-0581 nepal_140815-0587 nepal_140815-0592 nepal_140815-0597 nepal_140815-0603 nepal_140815-0609 nepal_140815-0617 nepal_140815-0624 nepal_140815-0640 nepal_140815-0764 nepal_140815-0765 nepal_140815-0768 nepal_140815-0769 nepal_140815-0772 nepal_140815-0779 nepal_140815-0838 nepal_140817-0009 nepal_140817-0021 nepal_140817-0063 nepal_140817-0066 nepal_140817-0115 nepal_140817-0124 nepal_140817-0221 nepal_140817-00241 nepal_140817-0246 nepal_140817-0278

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